It’s after the Holidays, and that means it’s time for returns!
That’s right, we all love the Bond flicks, but we bet there is at least ONE thing you would change from each of the films. In this episode, Ziggy and Eric list and rank 31 changes (1 each from every film, and 007 wildcards). Everything from casting changes, to character re-writes, music changes and more!

We also announce the winner of our Holiday Returns contest, in which YOU our listeners chose your changes!

Kick back, find your receipt and enjoy!

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2 Responses to Episode #40: “Holiday Returns”

  1. Ben says:

    After hearing all this, my 4 changes :

    1.) Skyfall : Don’t let Bond in the shower to make love with Severine already knowing very much before hand that she is a sex trade worker, thus taking advantage of her.

    2). The World Is Not Enough: Have Bond and Renard have a much better end climax fight scene inside of the sub, it weak and too quick.

    3.) Tomorrow Never Dies: Have Elliot Carver for sure and maybe other characters as well make some mention to stress that he used Internet as part of the tech to manipulate world affairs, Not one single mention of the Internet in 97s T N D when it was mentioned 2 or 3 times in GoldenEye.. Surely the Internet was available in some form in 1997 and not even a hint of it mentioned as part Carver’s plan of things to use/

    4) The Living Daylights. Exchange Dalton with Brosnan for Daylights first appearance so that he could have had a much better 4th movie and maybe even get to do a 5th movie from 87 on for many more times. DAD not a way to end him and its definitely the weakest of his 4.

  2. Ed says:

    Good stuff and I absolutely agree on Kananga’s death. I’ve always felt that any time you take the time and effort to rent a shark (I can’t imagine they’re on the low end of the cost spectrum) for your movie and it doesn’t even eat somebody, you just wasted good money on a shark!

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