Welcome back to another all new episode of Her Majesty’s Secret Podcast! Where we discuss all things James Bond, 007!

This week, Ziggy and Eric are back to talk about the TOYS of the Bond universe, giving our top lists of both gadgets and vehicles from all of the Eon films (and Never Say Never Again for good measure).

With so many toys to choose from, our lists are as sure to be different from each other as they are to be different from yours! So give a listen and then let us know what we got right, or wrong!

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3 Responses to Episode #18: “Bond’s ‘Toys'”

  1. Colin says:

    Two quick corrections, in this podcast and the Octopussy episode you incorrectly referred to the three wheeled Indian vehicle as a Mini Moke. It was in fact an auto rickshaw also known as a tuk-tuk which is commonly used in India for taxi service. Mini Moke’s are a jeep like British car based on Mini components. One actually appeared in the Spy Who Loved Me during the supertanker battle, it’s seen driving into the water after a grenade goes off.

    The other point was in your fantasy list of vehicles for bond to use, specifically the Concorde. Bond was seen arriving at Rio de Janeiro on Concorde in Moonraker. Roger Moore actually flew to the location on that very flight (Air France briefly had a Paris – Rio Concorde service), after they de-boarded the real passengers he was filmed exiting as James Bond.

    That said I loved the list’s and was impressed with your creativity in some of the selections. Good work!

  2. Ziggy says:

    Hello! As Eric said, thanks for listening; we really appreciate it!

    The reason I can’t count the Concorde appearance in terms of the lists we presented is that Bond was just a passenger, and nothing of note happened on the plane. By the rules we presented, for something to have been a “Bond Vehicle,” he would have had to fly it himself, and that’s the scenario that puts the Concorde up as wish list material. I can’t look at it as a “Bonus Vehicle” either, because, again, nothing special happened with it; he just got off, which makes it set dressing.

    With that said, good eye! Thank you for catching the details; it’s really gratifying to hear from people who read in as much as we do!

    And I do stand corrected on the Mini Moke. Shake yourself a victory Vesper!

    Once again, thanks for listening, and I hope you continue to enjoy the show!

    – Ziggy

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