The HMSP is back again for another action packed new episode!

This week, we’re leading our listeners on a Merry Chase! As we go in-depth to talk about the chase scenes of the Bond film Universe.


Chase scenes, whether they’re short or long, on foot or in vehicles, are integral to the Bondinessocity of Bond film. We take our normal list of all 23 Eon films and Never Say Never Again, and add in 5 ‘wild card’ spots to bring you a top 29 list from each of our hosts. The rules were simple, each film must be represented at least once, but the wild cards could be from any of them.

We talk about the fun factor, the stunts, the music, the sounds, the effects… everything!

Listen to find out where/if Ziggy and Eric came up with the same spots, and where/if judgement was questioned!

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5 Responses to Episode #51: “A Merry Chase!”

  1. Peppermill says:

    On the CR parkour chase: Yes sir, I do question your judgement. Tijl

  2. Ziggy says:

    I think it says something about how tight this list is – and how great these chases are – that the simple fact that I don’t care for parkour can knock that chase so far down my list. It really is subjective hair splitting; I certainly won’t dispute that. But, I appreciate you questioning my judgment (seriously, I do), and of course, I very much appreciate you listening. So enter the contest already! 😀 Have a good one, sir! ~ Ziggy

  3. Peppermill says:

    Subjective hair splitting is what makes these list so much fun to listen to!

    Right now I’m re-listening to some of my favorite shows so I can give an informed answer on your contest question. But I will submit my entry soon. Tijl

  4. Tyler says:

    Now, it’s been a while since I’ve seen GoldenEye, alhtough I love it.

    But I LOVE when the car slams into the back of the tank… and Bond looks back like… “the hell?”… flubs with his tie and drives off. Absolutely hilarious.

    Great lists guys!

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