We finally made it! Episode number fifty!

It’s been a hell of a ride and we’re so happy that you all have been along for it. So here it is, the list. That’s right THE List. In which Ziggy and Eric rank their favorite Bond films from 24-1.

Many have asked why we hadn’t already done this list, and the answer is simple, we wanted it to be special. So we waited for a special time to finally sit down and list out, bottom to top, which Bond films are our personal favorites and which fall to the bottom of the pile.

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So sit back, and have a listen! Don’t for get to let us know in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter what you think of our rankings! We’d love to hear from you!

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2 Responses to Episode #50: “THE List”

  1. Peppermill says:

    Congratulations on your 50th show! I hope you will go on and make (at least) another 50. As a fan of the first hour I think I have at least some inkling about what movies will rank high and low on your lists.

    I will listen to your show tomorrow, but before I do, here is my list of 23. I have no idea where to put NSNA. I think you will question my judgement a lot when reading my list but that is the great thing about Bond: There is something for everyone!

    23 DAD This movie tries so hard to be a classic Bond movie it hurts! The only thing this movie is good for is playing Bond bingo.

    22 DAF A shame Connery returned to the franchise when he wasn’t really interested in playing the part or preparing for it. There are a few highlights in this movie though; Bond visiting Amsterdam being the biggest for me.

    21 QOS This movie tries so hard not to be a Bond
    movie it hurts! Maybe if this movie was 20 minutes longer it would be a lot higher on this list because there are some very good bits in this movie. Craig’s best ‘Bond look’ so far.

    20 TND What can I say, I just don’t like it when Bond is wielding 2 machine guns shooting bad guys left and right.

    19 AVTAK Ah, yes, maybe the biggest let down of the list (although QoS comes close). Unfortunately just one movie too many for Roger Moore and the most annoying Bond girl in Stacey ‘JAAAMES’ Sutton.

    18 TB I will start running now. For some reason TB is one of my least watched and liked movies of the franchise. Some fantastic underwater scenes but the terrible dubbing and sped up film really bother me. Fiona Volpe is great however. Great casting and truly an amazing performance by Luciana Paluzzi.

    17 TWINE I really liked what they were trying to do with this movie but it falls a bit flat. Dr Jones represents everything that was wrong with the Brosnan movies.

    16 MR What can I say, this was my first Bond movie and it made quite an impact. The amazing PTS, a 7 foot bad guy, space, girls….. I can tell you, for a kid this was heaven. Even now I still have a soft spot for this movie. The first 2/3 of the movie is actually quite good but I’m not a fan of the laser battle in space. One thing I don’t like is the face that this movie just jumps from location to location and action scene to action scene without much ‘plot’. It is one long collection of set-pieces.

    15 TMWTGG A good and enjoyable movie but maybe a bit too low budget (looks wise) to favorably compare to the movies above this one. It feels like this movie was rushed.

    14 FYEO For some reason this movie seems to be the most dated movie of the franchise. Maybe it’s the clothing or the technology showed in the movie but instead of classic it just looks old. Some great bits of course; Melina is a beautiful Bond girl and the climbing scene is very tense and beautifully shot.

    13 SF I think this one will end lower if I watch it a couple more times.

    12 GF I can totally understand why this movie is considered by many as the definitive Bond movie. Connery is absolutely top-notch in this movie. He oozes confidence and charisma. However, this just isn’t a movie I enjoy very much. It has some great moments but seems to drag on a bit towards the end, surprising as it is one of the shortest Bond movies.

    11 DN Used to be higher in my top 23 but has slipped a bit. I think Bond is really a bastard in this movie. A lot of people have talked about the ‘fetch my shoes’ line but there are a lot more times when Bond is being very impolite to people. You can see that Connery was still finding his way around the part. Still a very cool beginning to the franchise and maybe my most watched Bond movie.

    10 LTK One of the best villains ever. A very cool piece of ’80’s style and coolness; sack suits and pastel colors, got to love it!

    9 CR Seems to slip a few places every time I watch it. I remember loving it when I first saw it. After DAD this was such a breath of fresh air, something the series needed more than anything. Craig’s debut was very good and his style suits the blunt instrument Bond is in this movie very well. One missed opportunity is the final part of the movie and the death of Vesper. The last action sequence takes away so much from the devastating death of Vesper. The betrayal comes across much better in the novel. If they had Bond go out to get the things needed for their travels, receive M’s call and hurrying back to the hotel to find Vesper death with the note that explains everything, the shock would have been so much larger. Almost like OHMSS.

    8 LALD A very entertaining movie with one of my favorite villains. A good mix between action and humor. And Roger Moore is also very good in this movie. One little niggle, I don’t like the way Bond tricks Solitaire into sleeping with him, it would have been better if she had just picked the Lovers card from an unaltered deck.

    7 GE The first Bond movie I saw in the cinema and what a great return after the dark ages of the early 1990’s. I still have fond memories thinking back to 1995 and this movie. Some people might think (and they do have a point) that the ending of the PTS is ridiculous, but I remember the entire cinema cheering when the plane appeared.

    6 TLD Great villain in the slimy Koskov, beautiful Bond girl, great score, good action scenes and Dalton. Perfect movie for a new Bond.

    5 TSWLM If someone wants to know what a Bond movie is I would show him this. It has everything. Stunts, women, evil plot, henchmen, beautiful locations, gadget laden car, etc.

    4 YOLT What can I say. I just love this movie. I love the score, the Japanese setting, Aki, Tiger, the huge sets, Little Nellie. Just so entertaining!

    3 OP I love this movie. It has a good story, great PTS, Roger Moore is very good in this one, Kahn is my favorite villain and the Indian setting is amazing. I know this scores very high on my list compared to most other’s but to me it has the Bond factor. Also it was released in the year I was born.

    2 FRWL Maybe even better than OHMSS but it doesn’t have snow scenes.

    1 OHMSS My favorite since the first time I saw it in 1992. Love the ski scenes, Tracy is an amazing Bond girl and Lazenby turns in an acceptable performance as Bond, very cool and understated. One of the few Bond movies that gets you emotionally involved with the story and the characters.

  2. Ed Harris says:

    Good stuff as always, guys. My list tends to be very fluid it here is how it stacks up right now.

    24. NSNA: For all the nostalgic feelings this one fills me with (saw it a lot as a kid on cable along with Conan the Destroyer, Swamp Thing and Yor, The Hunter From the Future), I cannot deny that just sitting down and watching it puts me to sleep.

    23. TMWTGG: Hate to put this here but despite the fun villains, the ninth Bond film just doesn’t work. An unfocused script; poorly written Bond Girl and some horrid humor just sink this into guilty pleasure territory for me. When the best action scene in your movie has Bond chasing the little dude from Fantasy Island around a boat and locking him inside a suitcase (sad that this is one of the funnier things in the film), something has gone seriously wrong with your movie.

    22. DAD: Much as I like this movie and as much as I am willing to give a free pass just for coming off at times like a late 80’s Cannon Pictures release, it’s just not very good. Pierce is on auto-pilot, Halle Berry is not a good action hero and while I’m not opposed to big dumb action movies, I do keep them separate from Bond.

    21. TWINE: While I sort of like parts of this, the script is just too muddled, the action scenes feel tired (I should never be that bored by a ski chase) and, of course, Denise Richards. It really says something that in a franchise that people were willing to accept having volcano forts, submersible cars and indestructible henchmen, that one casting choice broke the collective suspension of disbelief.

    20. YOLT: A really good first half marred by a somewhat poorly paced second. I love the scenery, the volcano is great as is Donald Pleasence but after the helicopter battle, the film just sort of drags for me. They clearly wanted to top Thunderball… Close, but not enough.

    19. DN: The first film in the series is really, really terrific as a franchise starter but at the end of the day, it’s more or less a glossy police procedural with a sci-fi element or two thrown in. Still a great flick, though.

    18. QOS: This is one of those movies where the more I see it, the less I like it. It’s a great burst of adrenaline if you want a quick action movie fix but I prefer my 007 films to let me breathe a little and ease into the world of the movie.

    17. AVTAK: Another nostalgic film for me, the first 007 film I ever saw, but it’s kind of slow in places and yeah, while a restrained Walken is good he’s even better when the director just says “Go with what feels right, Chris!”

    16. OHMSS: This one was a perennial #11 for me for a long time but in thinking it over, it is a little overrated. Good movie, great action, mostly good cast. While it is underrated to a degree, that degree has been overstated quite a bit in some circles.

    15. DAF: In spite of a third act that thoroughly wets the bed, this is still a fun movie that for the first hour or so, is actually close to being the best in the series. Connery is fine (though out of shape) and the villains are just plain fun.

    14. LTK: Bond enters formula 80’s action territory (good guy taking down a drug cartel tended to happen a lot back then) and the results are damn good. Dalton is good, action is great, I even like the Michael Kamen score.

    13. FYEO: The action really helps this one out along with the good acting from pretty much everybody, a fun music score and some neat locations. I can forgive the rather muted finale, after Moonraker a little breather was in order.

    12. TND: The second Brosnan outing is a fun action movie, plain and simple. Plot isn’t much to write home about but the actors make up for it.

    11. MR: Moonraker has really gotten into my good graces in recent years. For some reason, I used to not dig it but it’s simply one of the most entertaining, silly, bombastic action films in general I have ever seen. This is the film Die Another Day wanted to be, I think.

    10. LALD: Any time you have a sustained thirty minute sequence (Bond being caught in New Orleans to the end of the boat chase) that manages to be awesome in terms of action, acting and story you have one hell of a movie. I love this one, even with the bad death for Kananga and Pepper.

    9. GF: An iconic movie, yes, but there are two other Connery outings I like even more than Goldfinger.

    8. TLD: 1987 was an amazing year for film and the first Dalton outing is an easy highlight of the summer of that year. A great debut for Dalton, some amazing action, even has one of my favorite Bond Girls. It also helps that this was the first one I saw on the big screen.

    7. SF: Skyfall is a terrific movie with good acting and action, the only thing keeping this out of the top five is one or two small flaws in the third act (the transition from the frankly emotional death of M to the warm surprise of the old school office is a little jarring). Also, while it would have been over the top and out of place, I did sort of want Bond to stomp that palate out of Silva’s head at the end, just to put an period on the end of the sentence.

    6. FRWL: I’ve always felt this one is essentially an Alfred Hitchcock thriller on steroids in the best possible way. Everything clicks here, not a damn thing wrong.

    5. TSWLM: Can’t beat a classic. Great action, great henchman, I even like the disco soundtrack.

    4. GE: The best Brosnan film (Bond or otherwise, if you ask me), this eases the viewer back into the world of Bond by simply letting you watch him on his own for 27 minutes or so. The stuff that follows is even better with great villains, a fine Bond Girl and some fantastic action.

    3. CR: The first Craig Bond is a great reboot of the franchise. While I sort of consider each actor change to be a partial reboot to an extent, this was the first complete overhaul. It paid off too with a stunning action movie.

    2. OP: The top two slots change depending on my mood, but these days the thirteenth Bond film grabs the two spot. I love everything about this one from the action to the acting. Even the goofy couple in the car Bond steals are bearable (usually this trope doesn’t work for me at all).

    1. TB: Thunderball is, quite simply, pure awesomeness tightly packed into a 129 minute movie. Great cast, great action, great script. This one truly has it all.

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