You questioned our judgement, and we have replied!

That’s right, this is it, the episode brought to you by you, our listeners! We challenged you to “Question Our Judgement” and pick something we’ve talked about before to take a second, fresh, look at. We received great answers, and picked 2 of them as the winners of our contest (prizes are on the way!)

Steve, in Santa Cruz, Ca, and Ningxin in Vancouver, BC, Canada were our winners! They will both be receiving prizes purchased at this year’s Phoenix Comicon!

Steve and Ningxin each picked official Eon films on which to question our judgement, so we stood by our word, and rewatched them with an eye toward what each entrant said.

Listen in to find out if they were able to change our mind, or if, in the end, we simply question THEIR judgement!

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4 Responses to Episode #47: “Questioned Judgements”

  1. Ningxin (Linda) Zhu says:

    Hi guys. Thanks again for picking my entry, I hope it was as fun for you two to discuss as it was for me to write about. I was blown away by the depth of analysis in this episode, particularly your interpretation of the ending to symbolize Bond’s death (I love Total Recall as well, but it hadn’t crossed my mind to see it that way) and Eric’s point about Graves never sleeping. Literal shouts of “Oh my God” ensued when I heard those things. I personally will agree with Ziggy in that I always considered the beginning of the title sequence as the turning point between conscious Bond and delusional Bond, but the more I think about it, the more I like Eric’s interpretation of the film taking place as Bond flatlines on the medical boat. There is something hilariously ironic about a great secret agent like James Bond dying not as a defiant-to-the-end torture victim but on a hospital bed. Anyway, thanks again, and keep up the great work.

    • Ziggy says:

      As I said on the show, your entry was fantastic. It was a blast to think through, and it made a pretty bad movie into something fun and interesting. In fact, I think your approach to that movie is going to have a ripple effect that’ll make its way into future episodes… one not too far off in the future. 😉 I’m also glad that we could still surprise you with stuff even as we discussed your own idea. We really appreciate you listening to the show and sharing with us. Thanks again!

      – Ziggy

  2. Peppermill says:

    I have to say I agree with Steve. I wasn’t happy to be called a hipster either. OHMSS has been my favourite Bond for a long time, even before it became ‘hip’ amongst Bond fans to consider it a quality entry. Lazenby might not be the best Bond but Bond movies are like your children, you love each and every one, warts and all 🙂

    • EricJDewey says:

      Sorry for the late reply! It really seems that the word “hipster” seems to touch a nerve, and for that we do apologize. Our intent was never to insult.

      All we really meant was that it seems to us (and we could be wrong) that there wasn’t much love at all for OHMSS until fairly recently (last decade or so). Add to that a lot of people seem to like it in an ‘ironic’ way, and you can see where our opinion comes from.

      Like you said, OHMSS is “one of our kids”, it’s just the kid in the corner eating paint chips off the wall. 😉

      Thanks again for listening, and again, we do apologize for any offence inferred by the “hipster” comment, as we assure you none was implied.

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